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Over the last 3 years through the MORE and Complete the Pathway Initiatives we have expanded our capacity for greater ministry and impact, but the Lord is not done yet! We are excited to ANTICIPATE what's next. Through the Lord's faithfulness and our collective generosity we are ANTICIPATE future impact, future generations, and future churches.

Anticipate Sermon Series

As we kicked off our Anticipate Initiative we looked at the life of Abraham in a 5-week sermon series. Check out all of the sermons and resources for that series at

Future Impact

Over the next 2 years, we desire to mobilize our church to impact their spheres of influence and our city through gospel conversations, spiritual growth, and service.

Gospel Conversations

Significant Future Impact can begin with a conversation. The gospel of Jesus is the most profound reality of life yet also as simple as a conversation. Whether you’re in the office, at the coffee shop, or on a playground with your children’s friends, all of us have opportunities to share our faith on a weekly basis. However, it's not unusual to feel intimidated and ill-equipped when these conversations arise. Over the next two years we want to challenge, empower, and equip Vintage Church to have gospel conversations and share our faith with others.



The greatest way to not only make an impact in our lives but also make a future impact in our city and world is discipleship. At Vintage Church, discipleship happens through gatherings, vGroups, Life Groups, and personal spiritual growth. Over the next two years we want to focus on discipleship by emphasizing the F260 Reading Plans and HEAR Journal, vGroups, and Life Groups.



We are passionate about serving our city, and we are aiming to grow in this area over the next two years by adding more ServeNOLA days and Partnerships, as well as encouraging our partners and groups to prioritize serving together.


Future Generations

Over the next 2 years, we desire to expand our Generations leadership, facilities, and space through our increased generosity. We have an opportunity to disciple the children we have AND reach more children, students, and their families.


Generations Director

To truly see our Generations ministries grow, Vintage Church will be focused on finding and hiring a Generations Director to vision and oversee primarily our vkids and vStudents ministries. Pray for wisdom and guidance as we search for the person God is calling to this role.

Community Playground

We believe that the Lord has positioned us strategically to connect, serve, and love our community. And we believe that one of the best next opportunities to do just this would be through building a community playground.

Expanded Parking

On any given Sunday you have likely noticed that we do not have adequate parking. We want to expand our parking lot to facilitate space for our current numbers but also leave room for the future growth we are anticipating.


 Future Churches

Over the next 2 years, we desire to spiritually, physically, and financially support our “extended family” of church plants in Pittsburgh and Denver.

Lead Pastor Rob Wilton with wife, Annabeth, and Bolt, Mack, Birk, and McCall

Lead Pastor Rob Wilton with wife, Annabeth, and Bolt, Mack, Birk, and McCall

Pray for Vintage Pitt

Pray for Vintage Pitt as they partner with NAMB-SEND Relief to launch in order to meet needs, build relationships, and change lives.

Pray for Vintage Pitt as they implement a leadership pipeline that will reach and mobilize their future ministry.

Pray for Vintage Pitt as they officially launch in August 2019 as a multiplying church with NAMB-SEND Network in Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and beyond.

Lead Pastor Josh Cook with wife, Sarah, and Evie

Lead Pastor Josh Cook with wife, Sarah, and Evie

Pray for Dwell Church

Pray for the gospel to continue to move forward in Denver and in the lives of our neighbors.

Pray for Dwell Church’s newest set of leadership to be equipped and mobilized this year.

Pray for Dwell Church as they serve the lonely, the poor, and the disenfranchised in Denver that they may hear the gospel and experience the Love of God.

Pray for the Cooks that God would protect them and strengthen them in the midst of a chaotic season.


anticipate stories


Future Impact: the power of a conversation

As a teacher and coach, Beav has had many opportunities to see how gospel conversations can impact lives. Hear his story and challenge yourself with this question: Who will you tell?

Future Generations: How Can You Impact the Church of the Future

The Church of the Future is all around you. How will you serve them? Kids and Students are being impacted through our Generations Ministries and by the interactions they're having through Vintage Church. Hear from Josh, William, and Rachel about this impact and how you can serve our vkids and vStudents in and out of the classroom.


Anticipate Questions

What is the Anticipate Initiative?

This initiative is our expanded and unified ministry vision for our church for the next two years. We are excited to anticipate what’s next. Through the Lord’s faithfulness and our collective generosity we are anticipating future impact, future generations, and future churches. In order to accomplish this vision, we are going to unite as ONE CHURCH around ONE FUND.

how are the funds being used?

Over the next 2 years, we will continue to operate as leanly as possible, maintaining our current operational budget while also always looking for operational savings in order that we can enable more ministry and outreach to occur. We also have a plan to make a significant payment on our current debt in order to enable greater ministry and impact. Through refinancing options we could potentially redirect between 5% to 10% of our current operational budget into ministry and outreach. This all equals greater Kingdom impact for our city and beyond!

Will we give separately to Anticipate in addition to our regular giving?

No. The Anticipate Initiative utilizes a One-Fund approach. Our operating budget and expanded opportunities will all fall under the same umbrella, thus our single financial goal is all encompassing. Therefore, there will be no need to specifically designate any portion of your giving to ANTICIPATE. Everything goes toward the vision God has for Vintage over the next 2 years.

Have the Vintage Pastors received any help in forming the Anticipate initiative?

Yes. The Anticipate Initiative has been in discussion, planning, and review for almost 2 years. We have worked with a ministry consultant from Generis and our Vision Team to form this strategy for this initiative. In addition, we have also worked with consultants from Auxano and our Vintage Movement Board, comprised of Pastor Rob Wilton and Pastor Sean Englert from Vintage Church Pittsburgh.

Does Vintage have any current debt?

The short answer is yes, we do. However, our multi-year strategy is to minimize the amount of debt-load we are carrying as we move forward into what the Lord has next. For the majority of the life of Vintage, we have operated with a debt-free budget. However, as we continued to grow it became apparent that our current spaces would not accommodate our growing attendance. So, 4 years ago was the time to plan for expansion for our present and future needs. For us, debt has been a part of a much larger strategy, designed to accomplish the Kingdom advancement God has called us to.

what is our belief about debt?

We affirm what the Bible teaches about debt, including not being enslaved to it and counting the cost of it. The form of debt we have is best compared to a mortgage, whereby we have a loan for a specific purpose—again, a part of a very intentional strategy. Acquiring debt during seasons of rapid growth and expansion, like the one we have been in, is a tension we expect to continue and will wisely steward as we continue to grow. We desire to accommodate a responsible, manageable level of debt, if necessary, in order to leverage the incredible opportunities we have to reach more people. Of course, planned debt repayment is part of being responsible and very important to us.

What are the plans for a Vintage Orleans location?

With regard to a new Vintage Orleans gathering location, we continue to actively pray and work toward this provision. Currently our outreach with Vintage Nights and Church on Campus along with several of our Orleans-positioned vGroups enables us to engage Orleans Parish. We have gathered in many different locations all over Orleans Parish and have a strong understanding of what is available and what will be best for our future. It would be our preference to own our new location. Continue to pray for the Lord to provide.

I have additional questions. Where do I go to get answers?

Please feel more than welcome to talk with us on a Sunday or email us at to setup a time that we can meet and discuss any additional questions.

Why Should I give?

Generosity is the “hidden gem” within the process of Gospel Multiplication. For this reason, Jesus spoke often on the topic of our possessions, our attitude about our possessions, and in the end, who really owns our possessions. We only need to look to the story of the rich young ruler (Matthew 19:16–22) to realize that the stewardship of our resources is very important.

Throughout ANTICIPATE, we will talk a lot about generosity. It is important to understand that generosity impacts much more than just our money. Generosity is a by-product of our spiritual transformation and involves our relationships, time, and money. Jesus, who had little in the way of possessions, was the most generous person to ever live. The stronger our relationship with Jesus is, the more generous we become. Generosity is a matter of the heart.

How should I give?

Below is a tool to help you think through your commitment to ANTICIPATE.

Anticipate_Giving Chart.png

*If you would like advice or resources on how to better manage and steward your finances, visit Vintage Church’s Financial Coaching webpage.

Generosity Ladder

The Vintage Generosity Ladder is a tool designed to help us think more about our generosity journey. To move up the ladder is an intentional effort that starts with a transformation of the heart. Climbing this ladder is not about us. Rather, moving up the ladder is an exercise that brings us closer to God.

Imagine the potential impact if everyone equally sacrificed and took a step up the ladder to increase their generosity.

Anticipate_Giving Ladder.png